What is dry eye?

Dry eye (better called “Tear Film Insufficiency”) is when the 3 main layers of the tear film do not work together as they should. This lack of teamwork causes tears to not cover the clear front of our eyes, and this breakdown in protection causes redness, irritation, itching, dryness, blurriness and sometimes excessive tearing. The longer this process goes without treatment, the longer it takes to fix and the higher the risk of permanent damage to the eye.

What causes dry eye?

Age, work environment, genetics, LASIK, and computer use can all cause the breakdown of the natural function of the tears.

What are the treatment options?

We are blessed to offer customized intervention for each patient based on his or her needs. The tools available to us range from supplements to procedures, and exercises to eye drops. Our team of doctors will perform various tests like “tear breakup time” and “korb meibomian gland expression” to determine what will best make your eyes feel better.

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