Eyesight is something that should improve your life, no matter your age, and we make that a priority at MyEyes Optometry by offering pediatric eye care.

Whether your child just needs an eye exam or they’re a good candidate for vision therapy, we have a compassionate staff, experienced in offering vision care to children of all ages. Our team of well-trained optometrists in Angier, Dunn, Garner and Lillington, NC will make sure your child is not only taken care of, but also put at ease while at our office.

Kids Eyeglasses & More

From offering the latest technology in eyeglasses to new ways of testing vision, our staff at MyEyes Optometry can find solutions to all of your child’s eyesight needs.

Need glasses for your child? We carry the best brands in kids eyeglasses, so you can find the best pair that suits their style and vision needs. We’ll fit your child with glasses that won’t interrupt their active life and will also help them see clearly and easily –– and we even offer repair and adjustment services to make sure their glasses last.

Family Eye Care Center in Dunn, Angier, Garner & Lillington

You can count on MyEyes Optometry to be your go-to family eye care center, with the best eye doctors and high-tech tools to make going to the optometrist an easy and rewarding experience. Contact us online or call your nearest office to find out more about our pediatric eye care – or request an appointment today!

Optometry patients in Lillington, Angier, Garner and Dunn, NC rely on MyEyes Optometry to provide the best in family eye care, including pediatric eye care and kids’ glasses, We want each member of your family to see more clearly!