Safely Viewing the Solar Eclipse – Dr. Caleb Lesnoff

We at MyEyes Optometry are excited with the anticipation of the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes in front of the sun’s visible light path. This is a special event since it will be the first COMPLETE solar eclipse in America since February 26, 1979. The next complete solar eclipse is estimated to happen on April 8, 2024.

This is one of nature’s most awesome sights that will be visible to our North Carolina location (weather permitting). Although this is something we don’t want to miss, there are a few important details to know about protecting your vision:

  1. Use only approved solar eclipse glasses. DO NOT gaze at the eclipse without specialized eye protection. You can find these glasses in many locations. Make sure they meet the ISO 12312-2 standard for safe viewing. Regular sunglasses are NOT approved protection for the solar eclipse.
  2. Only when the moon is fully covering the sun’s path can you remove the glasses to see in normal color. This lasts for 20-30 seconds before the moon continue to move out of the path. The approved glasses need to be used again during this phase. *Important to note is that this is only applicable if you are in the direct path of the eclipse; we are slightly north of its path and recommend keeping your glasses on for its entire duration.
  3. Remove the approved solar eclipse glasses only after you have looked away from the sun. This will ensure that your eyes do not absorb any direct sunlight that may damage your vision.

If you experience any vision changes or irritation after viewing the solar eclipse, please contact us immediately for evaluation.

Happy viewing!

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