New Office Guidelines
Our offices are dedicated to keeping our patients and staff as safe as possible. We are currently following these guidelines:

  • Scheduling family appointments separately, rather than back-to-back
  • Requiring that all patients and staff members wear masks in the office
  • Requiring appointments for ALL interactions, including eyewear pickups, shopping, glasses repairs, etc.
  • Asking screening questions and taking temperatures when anyone enters the building
  • Enhanced cleaning of all hi-touch surfaces and glasses frames

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in following these guidelines!

LaTasha Rowsey, LDO

We are excited to announce another Licensed Dispensing Optician with the MyEyes family! Congratulations, Tasha!

Twenty years ago, I was attending UNC Charlotte for my “birth through kindergarten” teaching license.  I was working part time at Pearle Vision learning as much as I could about the optical business. Upon finishing UNC Charlotte, where I got my license to teach, I realized at that time teaching wasn’t for me.  My real calling was helping people with their eyewear choices. I like helping people feel good about how they look.

I joined MyEyes in August 2014.  I had sat for the state boards while at Pearle and was unsuccessful, I tried at least 3 times and had no luck. About 2 years into working for MyEyes, Dr Byrd and Mrs. April introduced the MEO Institute. This is when I felt like it was time for me to try again to get my license.  This process started in Spring of 2020.  It was hard at times, even frustrating, but I kept pushing. Fast forward 20 years later… on August 21st, 2021 I was able to make that phone call to my husband to say, “I passed!” 

My husband and our 2 boys have been my biggest supporters. I am grateful for the opportunity that Dr Byrd has provided in helping me achieve this goal.

LaTasha Rowsey, LDO

Susan Bender, LDO

Congratulations to Susan Bender for becoming a Licensed Dispensing Optician!

I started my career in optical with MyEyes Optometry in October 2016. I had previous optical experience with a chain retailer. This began my interest in the eye care industry and assisting patients with their optical needs. I knew this was the career path I wanted to pursue.

While at MyEyes Optometry I enrolled in the Ophthalmic Career Progression Program offered by The National Academy of Opticianry. I achieved my goal to become a North Carolina Licensed Dispensing Optician in July of 2021. This was a long process but worth it! I am happy for this opportunity to help my patients to the best of my ability. I am thankful for the support and encouragement I received at MyEyes Optometry.

I am blessed to be a mom to my 23 year old son, 2 golden retrievers and a wonderful supportive husband that has supported, encouraged and cheered me on through this process…thankful and grateful!

Susan Bender, LDO

Yesenia Romero, LDO

Congratulations to Yesenia Romero, who recently passed her board exams to become a Licensed Dispensing Optician!

In May of 2007 I was offered a position at MyEyes Optometry following an eye examination that I had. I was a part-time student then and was going for a different career pathway when I started to get more involved with eye care. I did a little of everything but it wasn’t until I started doing patient workup that I decided I enjoyed the eye care industry more and helping patients.
I continued to expand my knowledge in every area and in 2014 was given the opportunity to do full time optical. I was signed up for the Durham Tech apprenticeship program which led me to achieve my goal of a Licensed Optician in December of 2020. It was a long process but I’m happy to be here and happy to take care of my patients to the best of my ability.
I have 2 beautiful children that mean everything to me and a supportive husband in this process. I am very thankful and blessed.

Yesenia Romero, LDO